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In 2000 the Wellsburg-Steamboat Rock and Ackley-Geneva districts combined to form AGWSR CSD  The combination of these two great traditions has created a student centered learning environment that focuses on providing excellence in education!

The Wellsburg Center includes a daycare /early childhood center, early elementary with grades K-2, after-school program, and middle school grades 6-8. The nearby community of Ackley also houses grades 3-5, and 9-12. Altogether the district offers quality classroom and online curricular opportunities.  Academic offerings include the core and advanced requirements of English, science, social science and mathematics. In addition we offer five vocational programs (business, industrial technology, agriculture, family and consumer science). We offer course work in nursing, as well as the visual and fine arts (instrumental music and vocal music). Our high school students are provided the opportunity to take a great deal of college course work while in high school via our relationship with the Iowa Valley Community College District.

Creating a technology rich learning environment is also a focus of AGWSR. Students in grades K-3 have access to 1 mobile lab of iPads per grade level. In the Fall of 2012 AGWSR kicked off a 1:1 initiative providing each student with a MacBook Pro laptop, and anytime anywhere learning. In 2014-15 the 1:1 was extended to grades 6-8, providing each student with 24/7 access to a laptop. Each classroom is equipped with an LCD projector and Interactive Whiteboard to enhance visual teaching. Other highlights include: MS robotics program, HS robotics program, classes in digital design using Adobe Create Suite, Technology Fair Competition, web design classes, etc.

Our athletic programs offers fifteen different sports. As you can see we have a lot to offer our students. Recently our district was awarded the distinction of Bronze status as one of America’s finest high schools in US News. We take a great deal of pride in our students and their accomplishments. Please discover the advantages of being an AGWSR Cougar - for more information visit www.agwsr.org.




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