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City of Wellsburg Government

The Mayor and Council serve as the legislative unit of Wellsburg’s government.

The regular meetings of the Council are on the First Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall. If such day falls on a legal holiday, the meeting is held the next day at the same time unless a different day or time is determined by the Council. Council agenda’s will be posted at City Hall and minutes will be Published in the “Grundy Register”. Minutes will also be available at City Hall.

The current Mayor is Pat Kennedy. Pat can be reached at 319-415-8160. The Mayor has a two year term that expires 12/31/2019. The Mayor ProTem is appointed by the Mayor and serves as Mayor when the Mayor is not available. The current Mayor ProTem is Council Member Lance Van Heiden.  He can be at 641-869-5134.

The other four members of City Council, currently serving four year terms (with term completion dates and contact information) are as follows:

· Steve Hippen 12/31/2019) 641-869-5278
· Dale Eilderts (12/31/2021) 641-869-3821
· Terri Schierer (12/31/21) 319-269-3521
· Eric Minteer (12/31/21) 641-485-2563

Access the City Council Minutes at the following website. Currently Council Minutes from 2002 to present are available at this site.

We are working to include the original minutes from 1896-1977 and 2004-present.

City Council Minutes 2019

City Council Minutes Past Years



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