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Enjoy the Charm of Small Town Life,

With a Direct Link to the Cedar Valley!

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Build your dream house in the Riekena Subdivision, located on the western edge of town.

17 Lots Available

Low Property Taxes

Located just blocks from AGWSR School, Swimming Pool, Baseball/Softball Fields, and Meadowbrook Golf Course

Open scenic area

Lots range in site from 14,641 Square Feet - 11,010 Square Feet.

Lots 10 and 11 - $40,000

Lots 7, 9, 12,13, 14 - $25,000

Lots 1,2,4,6 & 15-20 - $15,000

Contact Michele Henze at Sulentic Fishels Realty for More Information
email - michele@sulenticfischels.com

Phone (319) 231-2892



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